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Smart Classes

At DPS Mehsana e-learning is accorded a top priority. Smart class-boards have been installed in the classrooms. This ensures that the students schooling with us are better equipped to meet the challenges of modern day living. The teacher is able to enhance the classroom teaching experience by using a plethora of modules. Such learning through audio-visual aids is better absorbed and retained since abstract concepts are given concrete shapes and colours.

Computer Lab

The school has at present has well equipped computers laboratories housing latest processor computers with multimedia facility including LCD monitors and optical mouse for the use of students to make them computer savvy. The Internet facility has opened avenues for an unlimited scope for learning. School provides fast Broadband internet connection round the clock and offline UPS for system back up along with a good collection of educational software. In a world of interconnectivity computers play a significant role.

Language Lab

DPS Mehsana has a dedicated language lab where students can study and interact using the digital multimedia tools. It’s a tool for training and listening discursive language, they are places to study and experiment with real samples of languages​​, learn languages ​​and exercise in their use Among the components of language laboratories we find all the latest computers installed with latest technologies that enables the interconnection, interaction and communication between the different positions that make up the lab. With this we have quality headset to facilitate communication between the people.

Science Labs

The labs are spacious and well ventilated and are well stocked with latest state of art equipment along with traditional aids like charts and models - all of which are regularly upgraded. The student friendly atmosphere enriches overall learning motivation and accentuates reinforcement. State-of-the-art Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics laboratories are in the school. The lab has requisite technology and safety measures including extinguishers, emergency showers, comprehensive first aid kit, and prep room areas.


The school has fully air conditioned modern library with all latest multimedia facilities. Libraries are well stocked with an extensive collection of over 6000 books, reference books, encyclopedias, 20 journals and magazines which are of the appropriate level for students and fuel the students’ minds and provide valuable research material. A lot of emphasis is laid on the inculcation of the habit of good reading.

Medical Room

The school medical room is a well-equipped with bed facility headed by a qualified and experienced doctors and nurses. Keeping in readiness emergency medicines and medical apparatus – all emergencies are treated with utmost care and attention. Medical checkups are done once a year by an experienced and qualified doctor. The school clinic is well equipped with medicines and other first aid material.

Counseling Area

The school has a counseling area where trained counselors provide counseling to students for learning problems and also help in identification of the problem of students. The emotional well-being of the student is also assessed and documented to ensure his all-round development. We also attempt at providing career guidance for the students.

Cafeteria and Dining Hall

DPS Mehsana has a well equipped kitchen and two dining halls. The School Cafeteria offers a substantial variety of snacks cooked under strict supervision. Every care is taken to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. The cafeteria supplies healthy and hygienic snacks and fruit juices to the students. Menu is revised every week with full involvement of teachers and student council members.

Book Shop

We have the book shop inside our school premises; all syllabuses related books and stationery items are available in the book shop. The book shop also has the study material for all classes and also kids related can safely buy their books and notebooks inside the school.


The luxury AC buses are available with all safety standards that will pick up and drop your ward from your location. A teacher will be present all the time in the bus while picking and dropping the students at their respected pickup stop. The bus facilities are available in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Kadi and Kalol.

Hostel Facility

DPS Mehsana has the hostel facility for the students coming from other places. The hostel is completely built with all modern facilities. We provide highly nutritious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides this laundry service is provided to the students. The hostel is completely safe and is under 24/7 camera surveillance. DPS Mehsana also has weekly boarding facility where parents can pick up kids on Friday evening and drop them back on Monday morning.

Others Facility

The school has three academic blocks with separate classrooms, libraries, laboratories, IT rooms, activity rooms and staff rooms for each block. The entire campus is fully air conditioned and spaciously designed to cater every requirement like the latest multimedia facilities, medical center and amphitheater. Every classroom is enabled with smart class to provide great teaching experience to the students.